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How Genetics Impacts Your Everyday Life and Wellness

“I felt dizzy as I felt the ground give way under my feet. I was playing badminton early on a Saturday. I gently hopped to the nearest chair. After going through the rigmarole of MRI it was diagnosed with a

Clopidogrel and Personalized Medicine for Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease – A Literature Review

Clopidogrel: Personalized medicine Clopidogrel is a platelet inhibitor used in patients with cardiovascular or cerebrovascular risk. It has a very narrow therapeutic index depending on the patient’s metabolism, which is influenced by CYP2C19. Based on the genotype, patients are classified

Diuretics and Personalized Medicine for Hypertension: A Literature Review

Diuretics: Personalized medicine Diuretics are often the first line of treatment for hypertension, but their effectiveness in terms of BP (blood pressure) lowering is inconsistent. The NEDD4L gene has a strong pharmacogenetic effect on the efficacy of thiazide diuretics. It

Beta-blockers and Personalized treatment of Hypertension: A Literature Review

β-blockers: Personalized medicine 30 to 60% of hypertensive patients who are on beta-blocker monotherapy fail to respond adequately. This variation in response is accounted for by a genetic polymorphism in the ADRB1 gene, which encodes the adrenergic beta-receptor type-1 to

Warfarin and Bleeding Complications – An up to date Literature Review

Warfarin: Personalized medicine Warfarin (coumarin), acenocoumarol and phenprocoumon are vitamin K antagonist (VKA) anticoagulants used in patients with deep vein thrombosis, thromboembolism, cardiovascular or cerebrovascular risk, or after surgery. It has a very narrow therapeutic index and causes severe adverse

Statin-induced Myopathy – A Brief Literature Review

Statins: Personalized medicine Despite the benefits of statin treatment in lowering cholesterol, statin-related adverse effects including myalgia and myopathy have been widely reported in patients. The incidence of muscle complaints in patients using statins is 9-20% in an outpatient setting.

Using Hormone Polymorphisms for Personalized IVF Fertility treatment in Women

Female infertility: FSH and personalized medicine Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is responsible for the growth and recruitment of immature ovarian follicles in women. It acts by binding to the FSH receptor (FSHR) present on ovarian and uterine cells. A common

Using FSH pathway Polymorphisms for Personalized Fertility Treatment in Men

Male infertility: FSH and Personalized medicine Men with infertility and where both partners are infertile will benefit from this test. It genotypes the patient for these two variations in FSHR and FSHB and classifies him for infertility treatment by FSH administration. The report will indicate recommendations for improving

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Preeclampsia due to a very Common PAI1 (SERPINE1) Mutation

SERPINE1 in Thrombophilia SERPINE1 gene encodes plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1) and inhibits fibrinolysis, or clot dissolution. The 4G variant results in increased expression of SERPINE1 and consequently higher inhibition of fibrinolysis, thus leading to thrombophilia. Below are verbatim

The Story of Swagene – Part II

This is an email interview with the Founders of Swagene that will be published over two parts. Read Part I here. What are the challenges faced by your startup? R&D is quite finance-intensive. Although we work with a jugaad mentality,