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Make sure that your Blood Thinners are Helping and NOT Harming you

Heart drug may cause Heart Attack or Bleeding: Clopidogrel People with heart disease and/or stroke are put on this medicine, but in the majority it leads to heart attack, which it was intended to prevent, or to bleeding emergencies. This

The Smart way to beat High Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Drug-induced Muscle Damage: Statins for Cholesterol and Diabetes Tablets are given to reduce cholesterol for people with high blood pressure or in diabetics. They can lead to muscle degradation leading to aches, pains and cramps of muscles, and eventually in

Beat High Blood Pressure Smartly – don’t let it beat you!

Blood Pressure Pills: Are you taking too much? High BP, which is also called 'the Silent Killer' is one of those conditions that is treated with more medicines than needed. This is because some of them work for you, but

Stress-free Pregnancy by preventing all unwanted Complications

For several pregnancy complications, like Preeclampsia, Repeated miscarriage or abortions, Implantation failure and Growth restriction, this test is recommended by all Professional Organizations: American Society for Reproductive Medicine Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists American College of Medical Genetics British

Professionally Recommended Path for Men with Nil or Low Sperm Count

Guiding therapy to make you a father: Y Chromosome Microdeletions test If your sperm count is between 0-5 million per ml (Azoospermia or Severe Oligozoospermia), this test is recommended by all Professional Organizations: American Society for Reproductive Medicine European Academy

The Faster and Better IVF to become a Mother

Many women have inadequate hormone activity leading to cancelled cycles and IVF failure! Your genes guide your tailored IVF protocols with evidence of success in IVF and pregnancy rates over the last two decades: >30% improved pregnancy rates Lower costs

More and Better Sperms can be Produced with Hormones in Infertile Men

Many men have inadequate hormone activity leading to different problems in sperms that can be corrected by hormone therapy, but only in men with genetic mutations affecting hormone function. This test is for all men with: Low to normal sperm

Children with blood cancer to benefit from advanced molecular tests for IKZF1 and ERG

  Blood cancer, or leukemias, are complicated because of the large number of ‘driver’ genetic mutations seen in the disease. These mutations affect the disease in terms of severity, survival, and risk of relapse. Apart from detecting the disease and

Statins (high cholesterol) and myopathy

...INTRO LINES... The anti-cholesterol statins can cause muscle-related side-effects (myopathy) Personalize your statin and its dosage to avoid severe conditions such as myopathy, myalgia and rhabdomyolysis 16-fold higher risk of myopathy Statin is the most commonly prescribed drug for reducing

This medicine may give you Diabetes, instead of lowering your Blood Pressure

...INTRO LINES... Beta-blockers don't control blood pressure for everyone Long-term risk of diabetes. Confirm your response before taking this life-long drug BP control and risk of diabetes 30 to 60% of hypertensive patients who are on beta-blocker monotherapy fail to