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Beauty isn’t skin deep, it’s deep in your genes!

Is your skin sensitive to aging? Is it because of sun, pollutants, or sugar? Are you protecting it right?
Are you prone to patchy skin discolouration and how can you prevent it?
Is your skin naturally well-nourished to delay aging or do you need extra nutrients and care?

Did you know that a gene can make all the cosmetic difference between a beautiful tan and thick discoloured skin prone to wrinkling from sun exposure?

You may have the gene for fairer skin colour or have difficulty getting a natural sun tan. Photoaging because of exposure to UV radiations from the sun is harmful to some people way more than to others.

Sugar works in mysterious ways! For some of us, it can mix up with our good lipids and proteins accumulating in the skin.

This leads to skin glycation increasing the wrinkles, making skin very rigid and giving a dry and rough feel. Of course there are anti-glycation factors that can work well to avoid these if you have this gene.

Our skin breathes! And this causes pollutants from the environment to enter it. Some of us have a gene that accelerates entry of these toxins into our skin.

This occurs because our skin is a natural healthy barrier, but carrying this gene makes our skin barrier very weak. Special creams can help dramatically if you have this gene.

You’re not imagining it – some of us do get more pimples and acne than others, and many of us get it way into our adult life leading to many unwanted scars.

Your genes that facilitate fatty acids metabolism may be to blame that lead to this. Finding this out gives a precise way of dealing with them both by nutrition and if needed by medication.

Omega fatty acids are crucial to beauty, youth as well as health. But maintaining a balance between Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids can be tricky!

Many of us carry a gene that frequently imbalances these delicate micronutrients that are ever so useful in nourishing the skin and maintaining its tone and youth. If you knew it, you can take steps to rebalance your omega fatty acids with the right foods and supplements.