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Modern science has shown that the basis for everything lies in your own genes.

If you have any medical condition that we have a test for, we can help you clinch your diagnosis, identify the underlying cause, and thereby guide a personalized treatment approach that has much higher success rates than treatment without genetic testing.

Genes dictate why we all have different tastes and interests, different personalities and priorities, but also the way your body works every day. They decide when and how you fall sick, whether and which therapy you respond to, and a lot, lot more about your health!

They also reveal how soon you’ll age, why your hair falls or you get more pimples, what makes you grow fat, how to train for sports, and just about everything related to your body and mind!

Ordering your test can be easily done online:

  • Add your desired tests to the cart, and fill in your details
  • Pay using Card or Netbanking (remember to use your voucher)
  • We’ll ship you the collection kit, with instructions on collecting a simple swab from your mouth
  • Call/Whatsapp us and we shall arrange return courier to collect your sample
  • Sit back and you will get your test results

Worried about your family or friend’s wellbeing? Do gift them a test and put them on the path to good health. These are great gifts that add tremendous value to your near and dear ones!

There are two ways you could go about gifting:

  • Don’t know your friend’s postal address? Not to worry, while checking out please add your address for ‘Shipping’, then explain in the “Order Notes” box that this is a gift for your friend – Please mention your friend’s email address and phone number so we directly send them the gift on your behalf!
  • You know your friend’s postal address? Super, just add that as the Shipping address and mention in “Order Notes” box that this is a gift – we’ll take care of the rest!
  • Want to leave a personalized note? A Okay to that too! Please leave your complete personalized note in the “Order Notes” box, also mentioning that this is a gift, and any other details. We’ll make sure your personal note goes along with your gift!
  1. Once the order is placed, we get to work processing it and ship you the Sample collection kit within 24 hours (on business days). Shipping is FREE within India.
  2. You’ll receive the kit within 2-3 business days. Follow the enclosed instructions to collect the sample and return the kit with the sample and your signature. Estimated time for this is 10 minutes.
  3. You can call/email/Whatsapp us and we’ll arrange courier collection for same day (if arranged before 1 pm) or next day on business days. The package can be stored at room temperature until shipping
  4. We usually receive your sample and completed form in 2-3 business days. Soon we’ll start processing your sample and email you the test report in 2 weeks from receiving the sample.

Shipping is FREE within India both ways: sending you the Sample collection kit, as well as shipping your collected sample back to our lab.

International orders will have shipping charges that will be added to the cart, and return shipping has to be arranged by the customer.

Payment: Our payment gateway is completely secure, authenticated and foolproof. No worries at all.

Shipping is free anywhere within India – both to your home/office as well as returning the sample to us.

Refund and Cancellation: You can cancel your order only for a few hours after making it AND before we ship the collection kit. Once we have shipped the collection kit, the order cannot be cancelled. Call/Whatsapp us to cancel and we’ll let you know if it can be done.

Modifying the order: Sure thing. Suppose you ordered the wrong test or panel and would like to change that – you have time to do it until you’ve shipped the sample back to us. Email us or get in touch and we’ll modify your order. If there is a price difference, the excess will have to be paid.

The collection kit delivered to your address will have complete instructions – simple and takes not more than 10 minutes.

Your report will be emailed to the address given while placing the order, as well as additional ones that you may have included in ‘Order Notes’. We are not able to change these information and will not provide the report to any other email addresses, nor over the phone or personal visits to the lab.

We do NOT recommend or prescribe drugs, medicines, treatments and procedures without the consent of your doctor.

Every report aims to give you personalized and tailored suggestions based on your genetics and condition. These are actions that you may take, but ONLY with your physician’s approval. Because we have only your genetic detail without your clinical or personal history, your doctor is best positioned to advise you taking those into consideration. We do NOT recommend or prescribe drugs, medicines, physical training, diet, nutrition or any other lifestyle changes without the consent of your doctor.

Swagene is an award-winning genetic diagnostic laboratory in Cancer, Gynecology, Infertility, Cardiology and other medical conditions.

– NABH-certified Medical laboratory
– DSIR-certified R&D laboratory
– DIPP-certified Innovative startup

We conduct all the testing in our well-equipped laboratory in Chennai, India, using advanced instrumentation and trained personnel. Our lab is also compliant with all regulations for a genetic diagnostic lab.

Our pride lies in: Excellence in Science, Excellence in Service

Our team of scientists and technologists do independent research and evaluation of clinical and medical research conducted around the world in selecting the biomarkers that will benefit us most, both medically as well as in general health.

Each biomarker we test goes through a rigorous process that includes scientific and technical evaluation, health-related impact, and evidence for actionable or implementable information. That’s why our reports are able to offer way more than any other lab, because of our focus on actionable and usable points for you as a user.

Our blog and website have tons of information on the genes tested as well as some of the selected references providing the evidence for the testing and reporting.