Product Description

Give a headstart to your child by improving his/her IQ and preventing allergies with the help of gene-guided nutrition.

A common gene leads to micronutrient deficiencies during pregnancy that can affect the child’s development of cognitive function and immune system.

If you were to have this gene, then specific nutrition and diet can go a long way in protecting your child and giving it an advantage against allergies.

Pregnancy is a blessing – here are many ways to enjoy it!

Pregnancy complications arise from the genes. Prevent them to have a stress-free pregnancy

Getting pregnant is the first step to having your beautiful baby. The next step is to keep yourself stress-free, happy and well-nourished.

But most women and couples end up worrying too much in anticipation of the baby’s arrival. This causes undue stress, which is not good for fetal development.

By finding out if you have the risk genes for pregnancy complications, you can preempt and thus avoid most of them. Have a safe and healthy pregnancy!

The first step to a safe pregnancy is to maintain it without pregnancy loss (miscarriage or abortions).

This is the most frequent cause of pregnancy failure.

Certain genes in the mother can predispose to spontaneous miscarriage by affecting the blood flow to the fetus. Find out if you have these genes.

If you don’t your risk is highly reduced. And if you do have them, there are several ways to be cautious and medicines to maintain a full-term pregnancy.

Common pregnancy complications that affect the mother and baby include High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

Occurring during pregnancy, these are called gestational hypertension and gestational diabetes, both of which can be guarded against and the risks significantly reduced.

Studies have shown that women that develop these carry certain genes – if you happen to have them, then you and your doctor could take better care and several steps to avoid these common complications.