Healthy Heart: the road map is in your genes

Because heart disease and health are largely genetic

So stop treating the symptoms, and treat the root cause

The smart way to a healthy heart begins here!

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Heart Basic

  • How can I avoid low sodium complications?
  • Is there a better way to get my BP under control?
  • Can I avoid diabetes due to drugs, how?
  • Help! I have random bleeding, can I stop it?
  • Genes: SLCO1B1,ADRB1,NEDD4L,CYP2C19

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Heart Advanced

  • Do I have genes for heart disease and stroke?
  • How can I prevent Blood clotting diseases?
  • How can I achieve on Target BP control?
  • Plus all of Basic
  • Genes: F5,F2,PAI1

Smarter cholesterol control, without muscle pain or fatigue

More than a billion of us in the world have high cholesterol! We end up taking the same drug at the same dose, but many of us don’t benefit from it. To make it worse, many of us also suffer occasional muscle pain or frequent muscle tiredness.

Your genes dictate how much the drug benefits or harms your body. Precision treatment for smart cholesterol control begins by listening to them.

Is your blood thinner making you sicker? Or keeping you healthy?

Medicine is supposed to keep you away from the hospitals, especially the emergency room. Yet the highest number of emergency hospitalizations are due to blood thinners taken at highly unsafe doses. And this in the USA!

The US FDA now advises genetic testing for precision therapy in safely dosing blood thinners. Thinning blood is good for the heart, yet there’s such a thing as too less or too much. Your Genetic code holds this information.

Smarter Blood Pressure control by reading your Genetic code

Did you know that high blood pressure (hypertension) causes the maximum number of heart attacks and strokes every year? Being healthy and having your BP under control makes you naturally more carefree.

Are you already taking half a dozen tablets for hypertension? It’s very likely that only a couple of them are actually doing their job, while the others are unnecessary chemicals, each with it’s plethora of side-effects. To stop having ineffective medication, have your Genetic code read.

Your genes determine if you have cardiac disease or a healthy heart

Some genes make us prone to heart disease, while others protect us from it. Even among the former group, some genes are more dangerous than the others. For example, one of them leads to a 82-fold higher risk of heart disease, while another causes only a 2-fold higher risk.

Deciphering these and other genes that regulate your blood flow and blood clotting systems are helpful in preventing emergencies, while also managing health conditions smarter.




Smart Cholesterol Control

Medicine to control cholesterol needs to get into the liver before it acts. But some of us have a defect in the gene involved in this transport. This leads to higher drug levels in blood resulting in poorer cholesterol control, AND muscle degradation leading to fatigue and pain.

One gene: SLCO1B1

Better BP Control

High blood pressure is caused by many mechanisms, and each mechanism has medicines targeting it. The right drug should be chosen based on the mechanism in your body. When a different mechanism is targeted, it is not effective for you, and leads to side-effects.

Three genes: ADRB1, NEDD4L and ACE

Two genes

Two genes

Three genes

Prevent Emergencies and Hospitalization

Medicines called blood thinners are given to reduce risk of heart attack. When there is too much of it, it leads to internal bleeding complications. And when it is too little, it causes another heart attack. This depends on your metabolism, which is dictated by your genes.

Three genes: CYP2C19 (or) VKORC1 and CYP2C9 – based on your condition

Protect your Family

Many of us are genetically prone to heart disease. Finding out the accurate genetic cause can save a lot of headache by prevention and monitoring health. This can especially also alert and help your family.

Four genes: F5, F2, PAI1 and ACE

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