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Luxurious Hair is in your genes

Find out ways to stop hair fall, promote hair growth, nourish your hair the right way, and which colour your hair gene codes?

Balding << Hormones << Genes << The Key

Find out if you’re prone to balding

And the right ways to prevent hair fall tailored for you!

Just like our genes control our hair growth, they also control our hair fall. Studies show that a couple of genes involved in androgen and estrogen signalling are to blame for this.

If you have these genes on overdrive, then they accelerate hair fall (alopecia) both male pattern as well as female pattern. Once you identify which gene is the culprit, learn how to stop your hair fall too using Precision therapy.

Receding Hair Line

Most men and some women have hair receding at their forehead, temples and the top of their head. When your androgen receptor gene is overactive, you tend to go bald at a young age. You can find out if you carry this gene and take steps to prevent or slow your balding.

Thinning Hair

Thinning hair or Diffuse hair loss is again seen in both men and women, but predominantly affects women. A faulty estrogen signaling gene is very likely the cause of this. If you have this gene, then nutritional or topical solutions may be able to slow it down considerably.

Nourish your hair for your deficiencies

If you have rough or dull hair, instead of hiding it, find out if you may be carrying genes that affect your micronutrient metabolism. Micronutrients should be taken at the right dose, too little and too much can be harmful. If you carry the gene, then you will find out how to get luxurious hair back.

Excess or unwanted facial and body hair (Hirsutism)

Thanks (or not!) to social norms, excess hair on the face and body may not be your cup of tea. But if you have it, it may again be due to faulty hormone genes leading to defective signals to the hair follicles. When you find out if you have this gene, then getting rid of the unwanted hair becomes easier than regular waxing and shaving!

The Key to Healthy Hair from Your Genes

Also find your hair colour gene that codes from blonde to red to dark hair!

Preventing or delaying excess hair fall (balding), promoting hair growth, getting nutritious and great hair, the original colour of your hair, and also getting rid of excess body hair – All these tips and tricks are in your genes and waiting to be discovered by you.