Infertility can be super stressful

Treating the symptom is futile

Use targeted therapy to treat the real cause

Get smarter about Fertility Treatment!

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IVF Response

  • Do I need two hormones for successful IVF?
  • How can I smartly maintain  a safe pregnancy?
  • How can I reduce IVF failures and cancelled cycles?
  • Genes: LHB, FSHR,ESR1

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Recurrent miscarriage and preeclampsia

  • How can I smartly maintain  a safe pregnancy?
  • How can I reduce risk of abortions and miscarriage?
  • Plus all of Female panel
  • Genes: F5, MTHFR

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Male Infertility

  • How can I smartly treat the cause of No Sperms?
  • Do I need or can I avoid Testes Surgery?
  • How can I avoid unnecessary surgeries?
  • Genes: FSHB, MTHFR, FSHR

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Y chromosome microdeletions

  • Will hormone therapy improve my Sperm count and quality?
  • Do I need or can I avoid testicular surgery?
  • How can I have Precise and Personalized treatment for high success?
  • Genes: Y heterochromatin, AMELxy, AZFc, AZFa, AZFb, SRY

Miscarriage has many causes. Identify the right one to treat it

As you know, taking too many drugs during pregnancy is not advisable. Yet that’s what frequently happens when faced with miscarriage or spontaneous abortion. Technically called Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, there are several genetic conditions leading to it. Identifying your genetic causes will lead to targeted, evidence-based therapy.

The most invasive IVF procedure has only 25% success rate in the UK

Over the last 20 years, scientists have identified genetic clues to substantially improve IVF success rates. Predicting your response to hormones using genetic tests have recently been shown to improve success by over 30%. Now that’s a difference from more cancelled cycles, more IVF failures and even more stress.

There are better ways than testicular extractions to get sperms

There are simple hormone therapies that can boost your sperm production restoring your fertility. But these work significantly only in men carrying genetic variations. A simple blood test or an oral swab is all it takes to find out.

Even if you have normal sperm count, your sperm may have defects called DNA fragmentation. Scientists have now discovered means of overcoming DNA fragmentation based on genetic tests to identify and predict good responders before starting therapy.

Deciding marker to predict success of testicular sperm extraction

A blood test or oral swab can predict the success of surgeries for veins (varicocele) and sperm extraction from the testes. Your genes help guide not only your targeted treatment, but also help avoid repeated surgeries that may not be effective. For example, did you know that 80% of infertile men do NOT respond to the surgery to repair veins (varicocelectomy)?

There are short-term hormone therapies that can instead boost your sperm production restoring your fertility.



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Smarter Hormone Therapy for 30% Improved IVF Success

Women frequently undergo multiple IVF failures and cycle cancellations before a successful result, causing much anguish, wasted time and money. Determining these genes will allow tailored hormone dosage depending on response to IVF tremendously boosting success rates. With 50% of women carrying these variations, it’s the first step to an improved IVF.

Two genes: FSHR and ESR1

Better Dual Hormone Therapy and Safer Pregnancy

Pregnancy can have complications such as spontaneous miscarriage, preeclampsia (high BP) and several others which are caused by genes. Identifying these risk factors helps with a safer pregnancy.While the above panel determines the more popular FSH hormone action and genes involved, this test will also look at the other important hormone, LH and it’s genes. So it leads to more fine-tuned hormone treatment and even better IVF outcomes.

Four genes: LHB, F5, F2 and PAI1 (SERPINE1)

Decide on Necessity of Testicular Surgery after Predicting its Success for you

Men with fertility trouble are frequently put under the knife. But 80% of men undergoing a surgery called varicocelectomy fail to show any improvement in fertility. Similarly, testicular extraction of viable sperms is also successful only in men carrying certain genes. This panel predicts which treatment may work and then suggest the most appropriate one.

Four biomarkers for Y Chromosome Microdeletions: SRY, AZFa, AZFb and AZFc

Smarter Hormone Therapy for More and Better Sperms

Many men with low sperm count, or poor quality sperms (DNA fragmentation, motility etc.) will improve tremendously with simple hormone therapy. But this helps only in men carrying certain genetic variations. This panel will identify if you carry these variations and thus recommend targeted treatment protocols that are highly likely to work for you.

Two genes: FSHR and FSHB

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