Rapid and consistent, high-quality DNA or RNA purification from
a variety of sample types at low cost

  • High quality DNA or RNA

  • Rapid: 20-25 minutes

  • At 30-55% lower price

  • Consistent high yields

  • Easy spin-column protocol

  • Wide variety of samples

  • No toxic chemicals like phenol or chloroform

Kits: DNA or RNA isolation, validated samples

Download user manuals, quick reference tables and MSDS

Kit name Sample types validated Quick reference and User manual
Catalog # and MSDS
Satogen Virus and Cell-free RNA and DNA kit (spin column) Viral and Total nucleic acid extractions from cell-free samples: plasma, serum, CSF, urine, BALF, cell-free body fluids, viral transport media (swabs), water Quick reference

User Manual



Universal DNA kit (spin column) Bacteria, yeast, fungi, mushroom and plant (leaf, rice, potato) Quick reference

User Manual



Blood etc. DNA kit (spin column) Human and animal blood (whole, dried, clotted, frozen), cells (cultured, WBCs, PMBCs) body fluids (lavages, aspirates, effusions, etc.), swabs, sputum, urine and stool Quick reference

User Manual



Tissue and FFPE DNA kit (spin column) Human and animal tissue: fresh, frozen, fixed (FFPE, ethanol, acetone) Quick reference

User Manual



The spin-column method you already use, at lower prices

Swagene DNA and RNA isolation and extraction kits are compatible with a wide variety of sample types, and use the same spin-column protocols that you are used to. The hands-on time taken to isolate DNA or RNA are considerably reduced and the protocols made simpler.

High quality DNA and RNA are obtained consistently from bacteria, yeast, plant, food, animal and human sources including cells, fluids and tissues. Sample volume is also smaller, saving not only on precious samples, but also on time and effort required.

No use of toxic chemicals like phenol or chloroform in the kit enables complete workflow on the lab bench without resorting to fume hoods. High yield and quality of DNA or RNA are obtained reliably and at very low cost per isolation.

cells_ Blood_ Sputum DNA amplification curveCells_blood_Sputum melt curve

DNA was isolated from various human clinical samples using Swagene Blood DNA kit and tested by real-time PCR for the Factor V (F5) gene using SyBr Green. The amplification curve (left) and melt curve (right) are shown.

Downstream applications

High yield and quality of DNA or RNA enable use in several specialized downstream applications

  • PCR: conventional PCR, real-time PCR, digital PCR
  • Gel electrophoresis and Southern blotting
  • Restriction enzyme digestion
  • Microarrays
  • Sequencing: Sanger, NGS (next generation sequencing)

Technical specifications

Parameter Specification
Technology Silica Technology
Format Mini spin columns
Elution volume 20-200 µl
Separation time 20-25 minutes
Processing Centrifugation, vacuum manifold or compatible robotic automation systems

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