We help save life and money, help bring new life to the world, and help people achieve their dreams, every day

You belong with us if you are passionate, and will move mountains to achieve goals every day

We’re glad you’d like to join us in this unique and pioneering journey. Read all the guidelines on this page before applying, because they are here to help write your application better and tailor it for success.

We provide equal opportunity to the diverse minorities in our society: linguistic, sexuality and gender identity (LGBTQ), and the physically challenged.

We believe qualifications are just an indication. If you can demonstrate more than what you show on paper, degrees or not, you’re in.

How we work:

  • Sincere: Extreme sincerity and integrity
  • Own: Take ownership of problems and mistakes, and voluntarily solve them
  • Innovate: Devise radically innovative solutions
  • Grit: ‘Never say die’ attitude: mountain-movers
  • Expert: Constant pursuit of expertise
  • No Excuses
  • Empathetic: Genuine and generous care
  • Dedicated: Dedication to the Company, Team, partners and customers
You will boost our sales and visibility by:

  • Design, prepare and implement marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Meet doctors every day in various cities. Sales roles involve a lot of travel
  • Forge partnerships with private and corporate hospitals and clinics in southern India
  • Social marketing online in excellent English
  • Prepare content for online and offline use – written and graphical
  • Provide scientific/medical knowledge and ideas to support customers and partners over telephone, email or in person, in English and/or other languages
  • Present at customer and medical meetings, and provide tailored knowledge and value in southern India
  • Being a startup, you will help around in the office on an ad hoc basis

You will have Bachelor’s/Master’s in life sciences, plus experience in marketing to Indian healthcare providers. Willingness to travel is essential. MBA may be preferred. This job is heavy on communication with doctors and medical administrators.

Biz Dev Interns are accepted depending on passion and potential.

Node.js, React, Document/Graph Databases

You will design and build a comprehensive web application for automation and personalization. You’re innovative with complex algorithms for automation. You will develop sticky web and mobile apps for engaging and personalized use.

Write beautiful, validated code without incurring technical debt.
You will use skills in automation and information management systems
Design, develop prototypes, test and implement process maps

REQUIRED expertise in: Node.js and React, Express.js, Nginx, Linux
PREFERRED also in Document and Graph databases, and big data
REQUIRED: a can-do and will-do Startup attitude, unique and original

If you demonstrate stellar potential and a ‘can-do’ attitude to handle the above tasks, join the journey at Swagene to transform global healthcare.

You will have expertise in multiple areas above and have solved real-life problems in those areas. Include samples as well as your uniquely original ideas on solving similar problems at Swagene.

You will help us all perform at our best by doing these:

  • – Finance: bookkeeping, accounts and reports
  • – Organize purchasing, deliveries, inventory
  • – Negotiate with vendors, suppliers etc.
  • – Manage payables, receivables and follow-up
  • – Logistics management
  • – HR management
  • – Liaise with external professionals, Govt and agencies
  • – Visit post office, bank, shops, run errands
  • – Documentation: maintain and organize in soft and hard copies
  • – Be on top of various expiries and renewals
  • – Attend to phone calls, visitors, mail
  • – Support the entire office on regular and ad hoc requests
  • – All kinds of scheduled reports

You will have a basic degree and be very competent in English and the use of computers, and have developed organizational and coordination skills. You will have expertise in basic Finance and HR tasks, and preferably also in Admin tasks.

You will help us stay at the cutting-edge of science by doing these:

  • Perform routine molecular diagnostic tests and experiments according to protocols
  • Research online for latest insights into molecular diagnostics
  • Develop new assays and validate them, and develop new protocols
  • Perform research projects critically and collaborate with other labs/hospitals etc.
  • Routine inventory, lab-cleaning, purchasing etc.
  • Write scientific and medical content including blog posts, grants and publications
  • Maintain precise and up-to-date documentation
  • Present at customer and medical meetings, and provide tailored knowledge and value
  • Being a startup, you will help in the office on an ad hoc basis

You will have BTech/MSc/MTech or PhD in molecular biology or related fields plus experience in molecular biology or molecular diagnostics

In molecular biology and molecular diagnostics. Go to Swagene Academy for more information and submitting your applications.

How to Apply

  • Write a detailed cover letter without repeating your CV
  • Include in it:
    • Examples of your brilliant works with links or attachments in your application
    • Even better, examples of work you’ve tailored and targeted for Swagene
    • Your goals, plans and strategy for the first 3-6 months at Swagene
  • Attach your 2-page CV (max. 2 pages) highlighting your achievements
  • Email: hello[AT]swagene.com

About our Team

  • We are open, inclusive and non-hierarchical
  • Everything on this page is indicative. If you exhibit unparalleled excellence, qualifications are irrelevant
  • We work Monday to Saturday in our lab at Adyar, Chennai
  • Swagene is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from women, linguistic minorities, those with alternative sexuality or gender orientation and the physically challenged, among others.