Product Description

Your Nutrition is unique to you, tailored to your metabolism and needs

High in carbs or high in protein, whether you need supplements, and which of them?

Each of us has a different metabolism – that’s why some of us grow fat eating little while other stay slim eating chocolates every day! Your metabolism is controlled by your genes that dictate whether you store more fat, or are unable to digest your vitamins efficiently, or if you’re deficient in omega fatty acids.

And you are what you eat! Naturally your genes are your first dietician and guide in deciding your allergies to gluten, milk and other foods. There is a lot to learn by just listening to them in finding out how to help your body and mind.

Instead of letting your genes control you,

Learn how to get your tailored dose of macronutrients and micronutrients: proteins and vitamins, carbs and omegas!

Genes control your cravings for fat and sugar

Did you know that genes that make you overweight increase your hunger hormone (ghrelin) and delay your satiety hormone (leptin)?

Genes even trigger your cravings depending on your sensory inputs: what you see, read etc.

Instead, we will help you learn how to trick your genes and win the game!

Find out if your gene makes you eat a lot of fat or carbs? And what kinds of foods and eating patterns will satisfy them without gaining weight?

There are also anti-obesity drugs and bariatric surgery options – these may depend on certain mechanisms of your genetics too

Are you troubled by gas, an irritating tummy, or discomfort in the abdomen?

You may carry allergy genes to Gluten that is present in several grains and foods such as wheat, barley, rye and several packaged foods.

Gluten sensitivity is in fact highly prevalent and goes undiagnosed leading to a lot of discomfort in your gut

How well do you metabolize meat and its toxic byproducts? Do you neutralize them effectively?

Fried and grilled meats, apart from many other kinds of foods, have toxic chemicals called PAHs (polyamino hydrocarbons) and PCAs (polycyclic amines) that cause aging and several diseases including cancer.

While you may neutralize and eliminate them efficiently if you carry the healthy gene, in it’s absence these known carcinogens would just accumulate in your body. This in fact is a frequent cause of colorectal cancer among meat eaters.

Lactose intolerance is not a myth, it is in fact the norm!

As mammals, we do not have the enzymes to digest milk and dairy products beyond our breastfeeding age. So milk can be a natural irritant to our gut.

Would you like to find out if you have the genes to digest milk as an adult, or if you lost them right after infancy?

Sugar is certainly not good, but for some of us sugar is plain evil!

Some of us have a gene that combines sugar with useful proteins and lipids making them into useless products that causes inflammation

Scientists have now found that these sugar byproducts can wreak havoc in the body, slowly damaging the skin and kidneys, and accelerating aging

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are miracle micronutrients essential for various functions of the body, but only in small doses

Some of us have a gene that efficiently uses these, balancing them in the body and maintaining anti-aging, and cognitive functions very well.

But some of us don’t have such an efficient gene. You will need help from the right foods and supplements in this case that are rich in balancing your omega fatty acids.

B Vitamins are very important in our diet, but a defective gene fails to metabolize it properly

If you carry this defective gene, then you accumulate toxic amounts of a metabolic byproduct and will need special vitamin formulation.

This affects only some of the B vitamins, and finding out will help you identify and prevent several deficiencies and malfunctions.


Quite like our diet the genes involved are also varied and numerous

That’s why we made the Nutrition Max panel for you, so you can have them all without having to choose between them