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The Biggest Disease that Indians and people in the Middle-East do NOT know of

Read the story of a brave woman with diabetes mellitus type I, kidney failure, loss of 30 kg weight, muscle wasting, iron deficiency and fatigue Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity is highly prevalent in the populations of South Asia and

Hypothyroidism or Cancer? A simple test can Stop Thyroid Cancer before it strikes!

A 38-year old mother found she had a mutation in her thyroid nodules before it turned into cancer with Swagene’s innovative diagnostics. Hypothyroidism, characterized by high TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels, is widely prevalent across the world and strikes more

Lung Cancer got a mighty enemy with Easier sampling and Quick results in 48 hours

A woman with lung cancer got EGFR mutation results in 48 hours, and tumour regression by Day 3 with Swagene’s innovations. Lung cancer (adenocarcinoma of the lung) is dominated by EGFR mutations especially in Asians. The majority of patients who

Heart patient saves $600 (Rs 36,000) every year of her life with Precision Cardiology

Heart disease can soon become very expensive, what with all the medicines every day, and annoying complications on top of that! See below how Precision medicine has saved a lot of money for a couple of patients with heart disease.

A patient saved 50% every month on prescription costs with Cardiology Precision Medicine

Vinay (true story, name changed) was an active politician, all of 82 years old and only 53 kg when he visited us. He had undergone heart bypass surgery 10 years ago, and like everyone else with heart disease or cardiac

FSH Receptor and Beta-subunit Polymorphisms in Infertile Indian Men

Studies for over two decades have shown that FSH receptor polymorphism, followed by estrogen receptor polymorphism, contribute to subfertility in women. Similarly, over the last decade, several studies have found a significant overrepresentation of polymorphisms in the FSH receptor and

From 0 (Nil) to Millions of Sperms – Male Fertility Miracles!

Find out the stories of two men below, 33 year old Vijay (true story, name changed) with hardly any sperms in his ejaculate, and 45 year old Shaan (true story, name changed) after 12 years of married life with no

FSH and Estrogen Receptor Polymorphisms in Indian women undergoing IVF

It has been known for over two decades now that FSH receptor polymorphism, followed by estrogen receptor polymorphism, contribute to subfertility in women. Over the last decade, several studies have emerged noting the overrepresentation of these genetic variations in women

Before: 11 IUI and 1 IVF Failures. After: Extraordinary IVF Success!

Sheela (true story, name changed) had gone through a lot ever since she wanted to become a mother. She and her husband found out that they were not conceiving, and the possibility of being infertile was just too difficult to

Swagene in Indonesia: Dr Vani trains our Jakarta partner team

With a very innovative portfolio of molecular tests at some of the most affordable prices and the fastest turnaround times in the world, we have got quite a good share of interest in our tests from outside India. One of the