Gene testing and Molecular diagnostics laboratory

    for Personalized or Precision

    for Precision and Molecular

    for Precision Wellness Genetics

Genetics for Health and Wellness

Hospital procedures
Diets and nutrition
Workouts and training
Skin and hair care

Some of these work, while some don’t and may even cause dangerous side-effects. Test your genes to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Save on what works and forget the rest!

Personalized medicine: Test your genes to get accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment for your medical condition. Treat the cause and get well sooner.

Cancer Genetics: Precision oncology tests your genetic mutations to clinch diagnosis, risk stratification, and targeted therapy. Take advantage of modern treatments like immunotherapy.

Precision Wellness: Adapt your lifestyle based on your genes. Personalize your diet and nutrition, fitness and training regimen, beauty and aging care.

Certifications & Quality

Awards and Achievements

TiE-BIRAC WiNER award won by Dr Vani, co-founder of Swagene

TiE-BIRAC winner award for women in entrepreneurial research (WiNER award 2019) was

Winning the Masterplan 2015 startup competition at IIM Ahmedabad

Swagene was recently crowned the Winner of Masterplan 2015, conducted by IIM

Swagene wins Conquest 2015, BITS Pilani’s startup conclave

There was a moment of victory seconds before the announcement of the

  • Dr Sooraj Ratnakumar, Swagene's Founder-Scientist, receives the award from Dr Harsh Vardhan

Govt of India fetes Swagene with Gold medal for Innovation

Swagene won the gold medal for Innovation at the DST-Lockheed Martin India