Swagene was recently crowned the Winner of Masterplan 2015, conducted by IIM Ahmedabad, in the Business Startups category. With over 500 applications in an innovative format, three rounds of selection brought them down to 20, who were invited to IIM Ahmedabad for the final presentations to a panel of judges comprising investors such as Das Star Ventures, Caspian and II.2 Advisors, and the CIIE.

As has been the trend with Swagene, the relevance and need for our diagnostic platform and services combined with a surefire business model and stellar achievements in terms of customer recognition and support helped us win the award. Pictured above are both Sooraj and Vani, our co-founders, who attended and presented at the event, and Ms Durga Das, Founder of Das Star Ventures who presented the award to Swagene.

Many thanks to Dr Preet Pal Thakur, who was our mentor for the startup competition, and a great critique of some of the nitty-gritties in our business plan, which helped us nail the award. Thanks to IIM Ahmedabad for organizing the event and exposing us to the top management school in India. And a big shout out to Ms Durga Das of Das Star Ventures and Mr Kishore Reddy of 11.2 Advisors, who gave numerous insightful comments and suggestions on our path forward.

We’re currently forging ahead with partnering reputed hospitals and institutes to bring our advanced molecular diagnostics to a wider population. We’re also collaborating with cancer centres and infertility specialists in R&D to develop more tests that are much needed to improve healthcare and medical practice in the community. We wish you health! Do wish us well, and get in touch to be a part of the transformation!