Infertility Doctors achieve tremendous IVF success with FSH and E2 receptor polymorphism tests

Doctors at Nova IVI Fertility centre have shared with us their results and poster presentation demonstrating 100% IVF success in their mini case series on women with FSH and/or estrogen receptor (FSHR and ESR1) polymorphisms tested at Swagene for the

FSH Receptor and Beta-subunit Polymorphisms (FSHR and FSHB) in Infertile Indian Men

Studies for over two decades have shown that FSH receptor polymorphism, followed by estrogen receptor polymorphism, contribute to subfertility in women. Similarly, over the last decade, several studies have found a significant overrepresentation of polymorphisms in the FSH receptor and

From 0 (Nil) to Millions of Sperms – Male Fertility Miracles!

Find out the stories of two men below, 33 year old Vijay (true story, name changed) with hardly any sperms in his ejaculate, and 45 year old Shaan (true story, name changed) after 12 years of married life with no

FSH and Estrogen Receptor Polymorphisms (FSHR and ESR1) in Indian women undergoing IVF

It has been known for over two decades now that FSH receptor polymorphism, followed by estrogen receptor polymorphism, contribute to subfertility in women. Over the last decade, several studies have emerged noting the overrepresentation of these genetic variations in women

Before: 11 IUI and 1 IVF Failures. After: Extraordinary IVF Success! Genetic testing success story

Sheela (true story, name changed) had gone through a lot ever since she wanted to become a mother. She and her husband found out that they were not conceiving, and the possibility of being infertile was just too difficult to

Using Hormone Polymorphisms for Personalized IVF Fertility treatment in Women

Female infertility: FSH and personalized medicine Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is responsible for the growth and recruitment of immature ovarian follicles in women. It acts by binding to the FSH receptor (FSHR) present on ovarian and uterine cells. A common

Using FSH pathway Polymorphisms for Personalized Fertility Treatment in Men

Male infertility: FSH and Personalized medicine Men with infertility and where both partners are infertile will benefit from this test. It genotypes the patient for these two variations in FSHR and FSHB and classifies him for infertility treatment by FSH administration. The report will indicate recommendations for improving

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Preeclampsia due to a very Common PAI1 (SERPINE1) Mutation

SERPINE1 in Thrombophilia SERPINE1 gene encodes plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1) and inhibits fibrinolysis, or clot dissolution. The 4G variant results in increased expression of SERPINE1 and consequently higher inhibition of fibrinolysis, thus leading to thrombophilia. Below are verbatim

Why Genital Tuberculosis is an Important Issue and How to deal with it?

The burden of tuberculosis (TB) in India is the highest, accounting for one-fifth (21%) of the global incidence [1]. TB affecting organs other than the lungs is known as extrapulmonary TB (EPTB). The paucibacillary smear status and localization into sites

Stress-free Pregnancy by preventing all unwanted Complications

For several pregnancy complications, like Preeclampsia, Repeated miscarriage or abortions, Implantation failure and Growth restriction, this test is recommended by all Professional Organizations: American Society for Reproductive Medicine Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists American College of Medical Genetics British