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Weightlifting takes a huge toll on your body if your training is improper. Each body has its own requirement. Do you need a high protein diet? Are you allergic to any food type? Take the right supplements to suit your body’s metabolism. Let your genes be your trainer and lift weights like never before.

Are your fitness goals still not realized? Does standardized diet and training not work out for you? Your genes hold the key in understanding your body type. Use it to shape your body the right way. Do you metabolize toxins out of your system well? Is your body intolerant to milk and dairy products? What is the preferred source of fuel to burn for your body, fats or carbs? Learn your genetic secrets to achieve your fitness goals by choosing our Slim Fitness pack.

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Each individual is unique. Genes play a major role in determining what and who we are. It is time we listen to them. Realise your fitness goals in smarter ways by working with your genes. Find out if you are prone to impulse eating and if you are intolerant to specific food substances! Start now and strengthen your relationship with your genes.