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Running is more than just an activity. It is an experience. The way you run is determined in a large part by your genes. Enhance your running experience now by taking advantage of your genetic blueprint. Checking for a multitude of genes and after rigorous analysis, we give you personalized training based on your genes. Be it sprint or Marathon, we give you a surefire way to unleash your athletic potential.

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Sprinting is pretty straight forward or is it? Running has many factors in play such as your genes and resultant muscle types. Take advantage of your fast twitch muscles to take a lead among your competitors by knowing your genes. Swell your muscle mass and tone with special exercises such as concentric, isometric or eccentric training tailored for YOU to get the best results. Our precision training and diet makes those precious milliseconds in a sport count. Choose our sprinter pack now and sprint to victory.

Marathon is an endurance event. It requires a lot of grit to complete an event where attrition is really high. Running for long distances without burning out requires a stringent diet and rigorous training. Learn the smart way to eat, train and supplement your hard work to improve your endurance. Also find if you are prone to injury and reduce your downtime in case of an injury. Learn about your exertion and dehydration limits and find ways to increase it. Do you have the genes to improve your stamina? Improve your oxygen uptake by capitalizing on your genetics. Buy our Marathon pack to see the results for yourself!

We are a team of scientists and technologists doing independent research and evaluation of clinical and medical literature in selecting the way your genes can benefit you the most. So you know the information you get is the best there is.

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You are unique. Each individual has his own set of genes. Why do you need to follow standardized training and diet when your genes clearly have different needs? Change the way you eat and train by starting to listen to your genes. As an old saying goes “A sound body makes a sound mind”. Together, the team can work wonders for you. So start working with your genes right now !